What’s the difference between engineering and a mechanic ?

8 Answers

  • Probably the most frequent function of engineers is to design things. or to design a process. The function of a mechanic is to analyze deviations from the design performance and restore a system to normal by replacing parts or doing tune-ups.

  • Engineers are not allowed to tough tools .

  • Mechanic is just a specific skill among all those covered by engineering….

  • Automotive Engineers design the cars that mechanics repair.

    Which is why most mechanics cuss engineers.

    If only engineers were required to be experienced mechanics before being considered for engineering, cars wouldn’t be the nightmare they are today.

    I was a electronics TECHNICIAN for decades before i became a electronics ENGINEER.

    That enabled me to design electronic systems that technicians could easily troubleshoot and repair.

  • A Mechanic is a technician. S/He does work.

    An Engineer does design and deep analysis of an issue when there is a design problem.

  • Engineers are scientists who design and build stuff, mechanics are the fixers

  • Engineers design and plan the devices, architecture, and machines.

    Mechanics execute the plans for the machines.

  • Engineers get paid will mechanics get laid

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