Whats the difference between the bmw 325i and the 325xi?

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  • Xi means all wheel drive and fuel injected. Repair costs are only slightly higher, power depletion is only slight, performance (fun factor) is increased substantially, especially when cornering and if you are in rain or snow it is definitely worth it.

  • Bmw 325 Xi

  • Bmw 325xi

  • The xi is all wheel drive. The i is rear wheel drive. The xi will help if you drive a lot in snow. I also will affect gas mileage and will cost a lot to fix if anything goes wrong with the all wheel drive system,

  • the 325i is rear wheel force and the 325xi is All Wheel force (AWD ). truly a similar automobile however the AWD equipment will make the automobile somewhat heavier and hence would have some drop off in overall performance. commerce off of direction is the AWD will cope with greater effective in unfavourable situations ( rain, snow, etc. ) ....

  • the 3 = car model or series, the 25 = engine sze (2.5.) the x = all wheel drive and the i = I believe fuel injection. I dont believe many would recommend getting all wheel drive due to repair cost, less mileage per gallon and also reduction in horsepower.

  • xi= all wheel drive

  • The i is RWD and the xi is AWD.

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