What’s the difference between the Emma 10″ bearpaw boots and the Eva 10″ bearpaw boots ?

I am asking for Bear Paw boots for Christmas, and I want to know the difference between these types of Bear Paw boots.

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  • Was wondering the same thing... I just emailed the company and this was their response:

    Dear Customer,

    The EMMA style is the new and improved version of the EVA. It has improved sole construction as well as stitching, otherwise it is the same style design.

    Thank you for your inquiry.


    Customer Service Team - MM

  • Bearpaw Emma

  • I'm not familiar with Bearpaw boots, but I am practically an Ugg expert. 😉 The sheepskin lining in Uggs is amazing. They are meant to be worn without socks, and when worn that way, your feet will stay the perfect temperature no matter what its like outside. Before wearing Uggs outside, make sure to coat them with a Suede protector, because it helps to clean them when they get dirty. Ugg sells their own cleaning supplies, which is a good thing to invest in, as it will not leave your boots looking gross afterwards as a normal rag with water will do. You can't wear Uggs in the rain unless you want to ruin them since they're suede. Genuine Uggs are not cheap, but they are VERY worth the price. You can look for some on eBay or Craigslist, because sometimes people will receive 2 as gifts and sell the other cheap.

  • I'm trying to figure that out too!! It isn't the tallness! Cause they both have 8, 10, and 12 inch lengths. I'm wondering if it's the bottom of the shoes. Cause I know one is Rubber like sneakers, and one is like fomy like stuff....... I know this doesn't answer your question but I hope someone helps us soon!

  • "Tallness"....Really? take the money for these boots and get an education!

  • the tallness and the way they are made

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