What’s the dissociation of C5H5NHF?

It’s asking to determine if its acidic or base. It’s acidic… But I guessed the answer….

2 Answers

  • C5H5NH+ F- –> C5H5N + HF

    Keq = Ka (pyridineH+) / Ka (HF).

    This compound is a salt, as it is the product of a reaction between an acid and a base. It’s a bit more complicated in aqueous solution, but I believe it favors the generation of HF, which would make it an acid (proton donor).

  • C5H5NHF –> C5H5NH+ + F-

    the F- will grab an H+ from C5H5NH+ making the weak acid HF and C5H5N

    Kb C5H5N = 1.7×10^-9 so, Ka C5H5N = 5.88×10^-6

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