What’s the english of the tagalog word “nanunumbat?”?

So how would you say this in English, "Hindi ako nanunumbat sa lahat ng nagawa ko para sa yo?"

4 Answers

  • Nanunumbat means "blaming someone"

    but in your sentence...

    "Hindi ako nanunumbat sa lahat ng nagawa ko para sa yo"

    nanunumbat means: "stating every good deed he/she had done to the person so the person 'should' do something good in return"

    there wouldn't be an exact translation.

    but this'll be almost accurate:

    "I'm not telling you everything that I've done for you [so you could do something for me]."

  • It means to reproach or to find fault with like blaming and calling one to account for something done or said.

  • its acusing! something like that, or just try the internet dictionary!

  • ungrateful maybe

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