whats the Hawaiian word for beautiful?

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  • The Hawaiian word for beautiful would be nani.

    Here are some basic hawaiian words that most locals know.

    A Hui Hou – Until we meet again

    Kane – man

    ‘Aina – land

    Kahuna – priest, minister or expert any any profession

    Ali’i – royalty

    Kapuna – grandparent, elder, respected older person

    Aloha – hello, goodbye, love

    Keiki – child

    Aloha nui loa – with very much love

    Kokua – help

    E Komo Mai – welcome

    Kumu – teacher

    Hale – house

    Mahalo – thank you

    Hana – work

    Makua- parent

    Hana Hou – encore, do it again, repeat, once more

    Malihini – stranger, tourist, foreigner

    Haole – white person,Caucasian

    Mele Kalikimaka – Merry Christmas

    Hapa – mixed race

    No Ka Oi – the best, none better

    Hau’oli Makahiki – Happy New Year

    O’hana – family

    Hau’oli La Hanau – Happy Birthday

    Ono – delicious

    Honu – sea turtle

    Pau – done, finished, over with

    Lana’i – porch, patio or balcony

    Pau Hana – end of the work day, work is done, happy hour

    Lei – necklace made of flowers, leaves, nuts and/or shells,

    used in welcoming or honoring people

    Pupus – hor d’oevres, appetizers

    Lokahi -unity

    Tutu – grandparent

    Luau – Hawaiian feast, party

    Wahine – woman

    Kai – the sea

    Wikiwiki – speedy, quick

    Kama’aina – (of the land) born & raised in Hawaii, having lived here a long time, a Hawaii resident


    Many of these words are used as (or as parts of) place names, street names, housing developments, etc. Learn these and you will always know where you are going!

    Aku – directional, away (from me)

    Akau – North

    Awaawa – valley

    ‘Aina – the earth or land (that feeds)

    Ala – road or path, often used in street names, such as “Ala Moana”

    Caldera – A geographic feature formed by the collapse of land following a volcanic eruption (actually, not a Hawaiian word, comes from a Spanish word)

    Ewa – used as a direction, to the West or Leeward side of the island of Oahu (i.e., toward Ewa Beach)

    Haku’aina – landlord, landowner

    Halau – school, meeting house

    Hale – house or building

    Hanauma – curved bay

    Hawai’i – the 50th State of the US, comprised of a chain of 7 islands; also, the largest island of the Hawaiian island chain, also known as “the Big Island”

    Helu – number

    Hema – South

    Hikina – East

    Honolulu – the capital of and most populated city in the State of Hawaii, located on the island of Oahu

    Iki – small

    Kahakai – beach

    Kahawai – stream

    Kai – sea

    Kailua (Town) – city on Oahu, meaning “two seas,” not to be confused with Kailua-Kona, the city named Kailua in the Kona region of the Big Island (Hawai’i).

    Kama’aina – local person, native, resident of Hawai’i

    Kaua’i – The Eastern-most island of the Hawaiian island chain, known as the Garden Isle

    Koko – used as a direction, to the East or Windward side of the island of Oahu (i.e., toward the Kokohead Crater)

    Komohana – West

    Kona – Leeward

    Ko’olau – Windward, the name of shield volcano that formed the Ko’olau Mountain Range on O’ahu

    Lani – heaven

    Lanikai – heavenly seas

    Lana’i – porch, balcony or veranda – one of the Hawaiian Islands

    Lua – restroom; crater

    Lumi kuke – kitchen

    Makai – toward the sea

    Makani – wind

    Mauka – toward the mountains

    Malahini – visitor, tourist, foreigner

    Mauna – mountain

    Moana – ocean

    Moku – island

    Nani – beautiful

    Nui – big or large

    ‘Ohana – a separate living unit, attached to or on the property of another home, usually for extended family.

    O’ahu – the State of Hawaii’s most populated island, known as the Gathering Place, second from the left in the Hawaiian island chain

    Pa’a’aina – landholder

    Pali – cliff or cliffs

    Pohaku – rock

    Pu’u – hill

    Wai – fresh water, river

    Wai’ele – waterfall

    Wakea – sky

    Ua – Rain

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    whats the Hawaiian word for beautiful?

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    Nizhoni is Apache for beautiful. Nani is Hawaiian

  • Nani (nah-knee)

    The Hawaiian word for beautiful, pretty or splendid. Most common use: Beautiful or pretty

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  • It depends on what context you’re going to be using it in. The generic term for beautiful is nani but there are others that can be used to describe a specific item, person, or place depending on how you use it.

    Hope that helps you…….

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    Maika’i prounced – Mah – ee, Kaa, ee

    or Nani like from Lilo & Stich cuz her character is beautiful

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