whats the molecular geometry of C2H2Cl2?

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  • Each of the three isomers is planar.

  • C2h2cl2 Molecular Geometry

  • the nitrate is planar trigonal. Geometry means the shape of the molecule, like where the atoms are placed with respect to each other ,,or you may say the arrangement of atoms in an ion or molecule etc. Here , the N has five bonds that are in resonance(the electrons are not static on any atom but move about symmetrically among the N atom and the O atoms.) however, the atoms themselves are static. If you draw a single resonance str. then there will be two double bonds and a single bond between N & O atoms. The best molecular arrangement with least repulsion between bond is possible with trigonal planar shape and sp2 hybridisation. Simple explaination with text will not help much. Make sure you learn what HYBRIDISATION & VSEPR theory is and how to apply them to any molecule or ion.

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    whats the molecular geometry of C2H2Cl2?

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    well buddy im gonna tell u trick on how to calculate it ….. Geometry = 1/2 of ( valence e + number of monovalent atoms + charge on anion – charge on anion ) eg here valence e on central atom (here N) = 5, monovalent atoms = 0 ( oxygen is divalent ) , charge = -1 geometry = 1/2 ( 5 + 1) = 3 i.e sp2 trigonal planar hope u know 2 = sp = linear 4 = sp3 = tetrahedral 5 = sp3d = trigonal bipyramidal Easiest & quickest way to calculate !!!!! No need of even knowing the concepts 😛

  • Planar due to the double bond between the two carbon atoms. A double bond will always but the molecule or that portion of a molecule (in case it is a large molecule) in the planar conformation.

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