when a cat or dog scratches you, why does the scratch poof/swell up?

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  • usually because there is bacteria on their claws (occurs naturally, just as with your own fingernails, or from whatever they might have been stepping on). The swelling is your immune system reacting to the bacteria that has become embedded in your skin.

    If the swelling or redness lasts for more than a couple of days or is very painful, you may need antibiotics. Otherwise, cleansing the scratch and using Neosporin may help to clear it up.

  • It’s your immune system going into action against the bacteria which have been introduced.

    There is an illness called cat scratch fever which you can get as a result of cat scratches – it can be very serious or even fatal in some cases if left untreated and it gets out of control.

  • It’s usually just the initial inflammation resulting from an injury. But if it continues to swell and get red and angry after a day or two, it may be infected. Best to clean it well and use a bit of Neosporin when it happens.

  • Dogs and cats do not wash thier paws after using the potty, or walking across your dirty floor, or digging through the garbage.

    They may lick thier paws, but they ALSO lick thier BUTT.

    Many germs can enter that scratch from thier claws…

    always rinse with Hydrogen peroxide and wash after you get scratched to prevent infections.

  • Well, you may be alergic, but thier paws aren’t exactly clean persay. The walk in dirt, and all over the floor, and then they lick thier paws with thier nasty unbrushed mouths, not that I don’t like animals, I have 4 cats! But, that has something to do with it.

  • Well. U may be allergic to them, or it might of become infected. Don’t forget, that cats and dog dig up stuff.. (u know what i mean Lolz) and they don’t go and wash their feet afterwards you know! So that is probably a very good reason.

  • You may be alergic to them. Also my kid swels up when it happens and i took her to the doc and the doc said just to watch it to make sure it dont get infected

  • that never happens to me… but that may mean that you have allergies to dogs and cats.

  • Because they just infected you.

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