When a guy says you got me sprung…..?

what exactly does he mean?

we never had Տҽ× b 4

24 Answers

  • 1. the state of being very attracted to a person, obsession often mistaken for love

    2. The act of being completely entralled by one person. To have been touched in such a way that you can't get them out of your mind. You desire their Տҽ×, their touch, there presence every hour of every day.

    3. to be completely open off a guy or a girl. the love that is close to obsession. its about 2 seconds away from puppy love.

  • It means that you got them hooked and they're obsessed with you. It has nothing to do with Տҽ× unless he says "i'm sprung off of your Տҽ×".

  • when a guy says dat he is sprung it means that he is in luv wit u he would do ne thing 4 u

  • Whipped

  • SEX!

    kinda like the song:

    I like bit butts and I can not lie,

    no brothers and sisters cant deny,

    when a lady walks in with an ity bity waist and a round thing in her face,

    You get SPRUNG!

  • that means that da Տҽ× s good and that da pussy is good 2 them that why they said we got them sprung

  • It means that he's really infactuated with you. Not really love but more like lust. It means you got some great Տҽ× and he's addicted to it.

  • He means that you have him so nervous that his reflexes are in high gear and he is ready to spring into action at the drop of a hat.

  • It means the P*$$% is good and he is not going anywhere anytime soon.

  • I'm pretty sure he means you sprung his penis to erection.

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