When astute readers and news-junkies criticize the media for relying on unnamed sources, why would anyone think they’re NOT including Fox…?

…Breitbart and ANY and ALL media who refuse to give the slightest hint of veracity to extremely suspect news?


2 Answers

  • The ability to remain anonymous as a whistle blower is frequently the means needed to get to the bottom of suspicions. Their information could be so incriminating they HAVE reveal what they know unidentified to minimize possible revenge. It has ALWAYS been like this anywhere f/ mafia to politics to spies etc.

    Incidentally, the legal system has this dynamic already included. For example, the judge is privy to the evidence at a hearing to suppress it … like that won’t affect the decision … lol.

    Dt has been attacking the media as fake news which is idiotic. Of course he’s trying to stay ahead of the trail of enemies he has made which dates back decades. He’s got so much to learn as his presence in DC is way over his head. The media isn’t going anywhere … but the media’s dogged determination could result in his early exit (that’s the goal of his enemies).

    Trumpty Dumpty stood on his wall

    Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall

    All this king’s “trumpets”

    And all his hench men

    Couldn’t stop the swamp monsters

    From saving their den

  • “Deep Throat” was the anonymous source who revealed the Watergate story. His identity was not known until decades later. It didn’t make his story any less true. It was then verified by other sources during the investigation.

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