When do babies get eyebrows?

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  • My son is 6 months and you still can't really see his, but I know they're there. Babies are born with them (usually) but they can be so light and fine that you can't see them, especially is the baby has fair hair or almost no hair at all.

    My son is blond, and still has hardly any hair at all, so I imagine that his eyebrows will darken and thicken around the same time his hair really starts to come in.

  • Babies With Eyebrows

  • Babies usually have eyebrows by the time the mother is 16 weeks pregnant with them. Some are difficult to see at or just after birth because the hair may be too light for them to be visible.

  • Every child is different my step-daughter is 1 1/2 and has them however I started being around here when she was 4 months and had them my son you could start to tell he had them like a week after he was born but they were so light it looked like he had none. However now he is 3 1/2 and you can see them they are just really light so you have to look close. Every child is different. Also depends on color of hair cause if you have a baby with blonde hair like my son then the will be light but a dark hair child will be darker.

  • my baby did not have eyebrows for the longest time...i think she started to get them when she was around 6 months or so...that seems kind of old, but it depends on the baby...her hair is also light so that might have that effect of not looking like she has much eyebrows.

  • Just like each individuals baby's hair grows differently on the tops of their heads, so will their body hair. There is really no specific time-line that says "When you baby is XX days old he/she will have eyebrows".

    It is a cute questions though, I do agree.

  • babies are actually born with them. well at least mine did. and so did i. my mom used to tell me that some of the nurses actually thought that my mom used eyebrow liner on me coz my eyebrows are so thick. they are still thick even now.

  • My son was born with eyebrows! Sorry I am no help.

  • Hmmmm. ? Mine were all born with eyebrows. I mean--not bushy or anything. My fairest baby's was faint--but there. Try looking closer.

  • What a cute question! I think maybe after a few weeks from memory, but it might be different from baby to baby..

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