When does ipm use synthetic chemical pesticides?

When does ipm use synthetic chemical pesticides? 1. at the first control option 2. only as a last resort 3. when the pest first appears 4. when prevention methods are necessary.


The answer is D. When prevention methods are necessary.

only as a last resort


The. Answer is. B.. Have. a. Good Day

So IPM (Integrated pest management) is an approach to dealing with pests. It's environmentally friendly by using common sense or the pests's life cycle and actions to keep them away as naturally and least harmful as possible.

Gardens using IPM would only use pesticides as a last resort, B.

Use of synthetic chemical pesticides in IPM:

The IPM or Integrated Pest Management only use synthetic chemical pesticides as a last resort. The IPM is a way to deal with the pests. It aims to decrease the population of the pests below normal level to avoid mass destruction of crops by pests and other insects.  

Synthetic chemical pesticides are ruthless and efficient in doing their jobs but they also leave some damage behind. Most pesticides that use synthetic chemicals are harmful to the crops as well as for our bodies. Using them in large quantities is not recommended.  

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