when eating sushi, does “tempura” mean “deep fried”?

yes, sushi has raw fish but can also include veggie tempura or shrimp tempura in it.. in a sushi roll

13 Answers

  • Yes, battered and deep fried.

  • Define Tempura

  • `Sushi` is food, either cooked or uncooked, served on a bed of vinegar rice.

    `Tempura` is anything that is deep fried in batter, it came from Portugal and in England it became the `fish` of fish and chips.

    And in Scotland…deep fried Mars bars.

  • Yes, tempura means deep fried…but if you are eating that, it’s not sushi.

    Isn’t sushi raw?

  • Tempura refers to the kind of batter used

  • tempura is a classic Japanese dish of deep fried lightly-battered vegetables or seafood

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  • Yes and no. it is the kind of batter. whatever is dipped in tempura is called tempura…usually vegetables.

  • Pretty much, yes. It’s battered & fried.

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