when i brake the car pulls to one side?

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  • it could be something with the alighment, tires, or brakes. To figure out which:

    Check your tire pressure and the condition of your tires, if all is good then, you need to figure out if it is your brakes or the alignment is off.

    While driving on a straight, not very fast, let go of the steering wheel. If it pulls to the side, then it is an aignment problem. If not, it is your brakes.

    Hope this helps.

  • If it were under inflated tires or alignment, it would pull all the time. If it only does it while braking, the problem is obviously in the brakes.

    The two most common causes of this are:

    1) bad caliper (most likely)

    2) collapsed brake hose

  • Its the brake system most likely.Ck the fluid and ck the brakes and discs/rotors for wear or damage.

    You did not give car make,model,yr. Does it have antiskid?

    If its a old car with drum brakes it could be just a adjustment……otherwise its likely a brake job.

  • <—-Mechanic it sounds like one side of the brake calliper or calliper piston has become siezed and caused the brake pads to wear down at a exsive rate! get it sorted now or soon your going to have the bare metal on the pads scoring your disks if that happends your looking at the price of a set of new disks and pads. best bet is to take the calliper off undo the allen key bolts 7mm i think on the back of the caliper take them bolts out and grease them with copper grease next undo the other two bolts that bolt on to the hub/strut take the closest pad out and use a G Clamp put it over the back of the caliper and wind it in against the old pad still in the caliper piston wind it in as far is it will go and take that ould pad out get your new pad and apply copper grease on the back metal parts of the pads and on the prongs on the back of on pad push that one into the piston part and now bolt the brake back onto the hub with the 2 bolts and then grease the outher brake pad and grease were the pad sits in the runerr top and bottom of the hammer head part of the pad then push the pad on to the brake and bolt the carrier back on over the last brake pad tighten the 7mm allen key bolt and put the metal clip back on using nose tip pliers. take it easy on the brakes for the 1st 300 miles hope this has helped

  • Check the caliper could have a siezed piston.So if your car is pulling to the left when you apply brakes its because the left caliper is working fine but your right caliper is not doing any braking work due to the piston.

  • Get your brakes checked out and the tires too . Have you curbed it hard? damage to the side wall of a front tire can cause this .

  • The brakes on one side are probably shot.

  • This problem can be caused either by unequal tyre pressures or unequal braking. The easiest thing to check is the tyre pressures, if that doesn’t work then you will have to have the brakes checked.

  • instead of being a jerk like some people, im gonna try and help you as logically as I can. Maybe it could be an allignment problem or a problem with one of your tires being lower than the others. Is it a severe pull or just a slight pull? Anyway, go get it checked out.

  • Several things can cause a pull.

    Something in the breaking system is bad – pads or calipers.

    Low tire pressure.

    Tires out of alignment.

    Best to take it to a mechanic because he or she can inspect it throughly if its not a low tire.

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