When is God’s birthday?

I have a human soul I’m going to give him as a present but I’m not sure when I should send it to him.

8 Answers

  • This we will never know as God is not born, He wasn’t created by anyone, he’s Perfect meaning that He’s never dead, He’s alive, all powerful and all knowing.

  • God birthday is January 1 and the year he was born is when he made the world his birthday is January 1 because thats the first month he was born and thats why he celabrate his new years

  • Most religious people have told me that God has always existed so he has no birthday.

  • I think Mithras was born on December 25th.

  • Every day, just send appreciation for your life.

  • many religions have thier god birthday like hindunisem christinesem budhisem

    but islam god has no birthday cuz Allah is the creature how he create us only Allah knows

  • 4th of July

  • i thought it was Thanksgiving

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