When liquid bromine is cooled to form a solid. which of the following types of solid would it form?

When liquid Bromine is cooled to form a solid, which of the following types of solid would it form? How do you know? What other elements could for the other options?

1. Atomic
2. Metallic
3. Molecular
4. Ionic
5. Covalent Network


3) molecular

The molecules of each substance attract each other through dispersion (London) Intermolecular forces.

Whether a substance is a solid, liquid, or gas depends on the balance between the kinetic energies of the molecules and their intermolecular attractions.

Atomic solids: Atomic solids form when weak London dispersion forces bind atoms of cold noble gasses.

ex: solid krypton or solid argon.

Metallic solids: Metallic solids are solids composed of metal atoms that are held together by metallic bonds.

ex: copper, gold, zinc

Ionic: solids composed of oppositely charged ions.

ex: NaCl, where Na is an alkaline metal and Cl is a p block element

Covalent network: solids are formed by networks or chains of atoms or molecules held together by covalent bonds.

ex: carbon, in the form of diamond and graphite, silicon

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