When making wine can you reuse empty wine bottles?

I want to try making some apple wine this fall because I can get unpasteurized cider for $2 a gallon.

5 Answers

  • Sounds worky, when you could just have apple cider and apple jack and not have to muck about with the right yeast.

    Sterile glassware works best. Not “I washed them,” but sterilization.

  • Yes, clean them first.

  • Sure; I do it all the time. Preparation includes sanitization which is somewhere between washing well and sterilizing. You can buy campden tablets to do it easily or use a product like One-Step. In a pinch, Oxy-Clean will work.

  • sure but they have to sterilized before you use them again.. Set your dishwasher on HOT and run them twice

  • Yes. Just make sure you sterilize them first.

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