When should I let my landlord know I’m moving out if my lease in month to month?

I’ve been living in an apartment for the past 12 months, however I am on a month to month lease. I didn’t sign any paperwork upon moving in to the apt, nothing at all. I pay my rent in cash every month on the day it is due, and my landlord provides me with a cash receipt. This is what she prefers, cash as opposed to a check; I never asked any questions. I have proof that I have paid on time every month thanks to the cash receipts, not that I am worried – my landlord has never given me any issues. I’ve kept the place clean and never damaged anything, not even a lightbulb. 🙂

But, I’ve decided to move on to a new area. I am close to securing another apartment, however it’s not available to move in until the weekend of June 24-25. In my current apartment, I pay rent on the 23rd of each month, therefore on May 23, I will pay rent for May 23-June 23. Naturally this will be my last month of payment if everything works out, however I’m reluctant to say anything to my landlord until the new apartment is completely finalized. I also don’t want my landlord to start showing my apartment for the next month while I’m living here. I’m a very private person so I do not want people coming into my apartment until I have the majority of my belongings moved out, which I will do over the course of this last month, not all at once.

When should I let my landlord know? As stated, I didn’t sign anything at all when I first moved in, so I cannot refer to any paperwork for the answer. I live in PA.

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  • Even though you might not have signed a lease or your lease has expired, you would be considered in a month to month tenancy. This month to month tenancy has clauses that are governed by the state.

    You would be required to look up the month to month tenancy laws of your state.

    Normally as a rule, you are required to provide your landlord a 30 day notice that you would be moving.

    Without the proper notification, there could be a financial penalty charged by your landlord for not receiving the proper notification.

    There are laws that would govern rentals. Your personal opinions would not change any laws to fit or benefit you.

    I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

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  • You must give a 30 day notice prior to vacating your tenancy or you can be held responsible for an additional 30 days rent after you vacate. Don’t give your notice any later than May 23 and make sure it is in writing.

  • 30 day notice is required

  • Yes, need to give 2 month notice.

  • Google PA’s landlord tenant laws & read them to find out how written notice you have to give.

    Also, you cannot stop the landlord from showing the apartment as long as he gives you proper notice.

  • They need at least one full month’s notice so they can find another tenant. 2 months notice is better.

  • You must give them a 30 days notice to move. By paying rent with cash and getting a receit that shows you are renting on a month to month bases. So no running out on this one.

  • A 30 day notice should be fine.

  • By law you need to give the landlord at least a full months notice. This means your landlord must RECEIVE your WRITTEN notice on or before the first of the month (typically offered with your rent for the future month). Many renters confuse this with a 30 day notice, and that is fine if you pay rent on a daily basis, but because you pay monthly, you must offer a full months notice. .

  • You should give him a month’s notice but since everything is done under the table he can’t sue you if you do not.

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