when they ask “subjects studied” on job application?

I am filling out a job application. In the section where they ask you the name of your high school, there is also a space for "subjects studied". Exactly what do they want to know? I remember being told years ago to put either academic or vocational. Academic courses for college, and vocational if you don’t plan to attend college. Is this what they want to know? Thanks.

I didn’t know anyone majored in anything in high school. College, yes, but not high school.

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  • You should put down your major. If you are still High school. Just said, I am still high school (undecided major)

    Don’t stress out over this. Take care and good luck with you future career 🙂

  • I’d say they want to know more about a major. So if you had a major in Math, or English, that’s what I’d put. After all, most people who graduate from the same high school have 80% of the same subjects studied.

  • They want to know what where your key subjects in school, i.e. math, science, wood shop, cooking, gardening, etc. List the subjects that will show that you knowledge of the job that you are applying for. If you are applying for an office job, they could care less about all of the physical education classes that you took; unless you are going to be a messenger.

  • Just put “general” — most hiring managers understand that no one has a specific concentration in high school.. unless you went to a school where you learned a trade (hair, automotive, etc.), in that case, write that down.

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