When will I know about my child’s gifted testing?

My son was recommended to be tested for giftedness. He has had two tests, which the counselor I spoke with told me was all he would need for now. His last one was last week. I was wondering when I will find out the outcome if anyone knows? Also, the teacher that recommend for him to be tested said he could possibly skip an entire grade. This would put both of my sons in the same grade. Some people seem to think this could be a horrible idea… Any thoughts?

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    IEPs are for DISABILITIES at the federal level, I have heard of 1 state that has a state IEP for gifted programs, but many do not….and typical it is a G IEP

    if your kid is really, gifted, ask him.  yes, skipping a grade is often a horrible idea, 1st of all school is more than academics, it is socialization….2nd even if a kid can handle the advanced work, they are still missing a year of course work.  For example, they may skip a year of US history or miss a year of physical science and skip ahead to biology…..

    you really need to ask your older son how he would feel having his kid brother in class, you have to weigh what is best for both of them, can’t effectively punish older son to give younger son preferential treatment.

  • What kind of school is this? Most schools won’t skip students anymore- because of the problems with being in class with older and more mature students. They may send you a letter with the results. If your son is going to be put in a gifted program, they may set up a meeting with you, the teacher of the gifted program, and his regular teacher. You have to agree to the IEP-Individual Education Program.  That’s in the US. If you’re somewhere else, I have no idea. 

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