When would you be most likely to use an interrogative pronoun

When would you be most likely to use an interrogative pronoun


To add emphasis to a noun or pronounto introduce an adjective clauseto introduce a question to direct attention to a specific person, place, or thing

To introduce a question.


Interrogative pronouns are used to ask questions. Interrogative pronouns are what, who/whom, which, and whose.An interrogative pronoun tells us which piece of information is missing. In a sentence - Who is your best friend?, interrogative pronoun who indicates that the piece of information we are looking for is the best friend's name.

c. to introduce a question - emoney


The correct answer is a

Interrogative pronouns are pronouns that are used when asking questions. These are the only pronouns with no antecedents because it is unknown. You would most likely use an interrogative pronoun when introducing a question. Interrogative pronouns include what, which, who, whom, and whose.
The correct answer is A. An interrogative pronoun is most likely used to introduce a question. The word "interrogative" means "relating to a question," so an interrogative pronoun must be a pronoun that relates to a question. Remember that interrogative pronouns are what, which, who/whom, and whose. These pronouns are used to ask questions. For example: Which book is mine? Who is at the door? What time do we have to leave?

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