Where can I buy a large styrofoam box in Singapore?

Something that can contain at least 6 pints of ice cream. Tx for any advice!

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  • Go to your neighbour store which sells styrofoam food packet boxes, disposal plates, cutlery,straws, grabage bags……etc such as SKP. Ban Teck Han, there one in chinatown next to the food & market centre, next to marine parade hawker centre, junction of thomson rd x blastier rd

  • Large Styrofoam Box

  • Yes Giant, NTUC and Carrefour(Suntec City) supermarket are selling. If you are looking for small one, you can also try Daiso at IMM, Vivo City, Plaza Singapura which only S$2 each.

  • Maybe I would like to suggest a cheaper idea.

    Spend some time, go market with your mum or yourself.

    Look around, if any stall have the size you want,

    Ask if they can give or sell it to you.

    Few occasion, I got it free.

    Once or twice I paid $2 or $3 for a newer one.

  • maybe you can try the indestrail park or factores. sorry for spelling error

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