Where can I buy some Russian Blue kittens?

Where can I buy some Russian Blue kittens?

– I need them unaltered (not neutered)

– I’m from the Philippines and tried Pet finder sites searching locally but have not found any.

– If there is a breeder here, the better, but if not, then having them shipped from abroad is fine.

– I hope someone could point me to a specific breeder/shop/site.

– I’ve already googled for breeders locally before asking here. 🙂

9 Answers

  • There are not many Russian Blue breeders. And no reputable breeder would ship kittens that had not been spayed or neutered.

    good luck!

  • Russian Blue Cat Philippines

  • The breed is uncommon. No breeder is going to sell you even one unaltered kitten let alone multiple unaltered kittens unless you have an established relationship with the breeder, which you obviously don’t. Cat breeders are very particular about selling unaltered kittens.

  • Go visit your local SPCA!

    Breeders are NOT regulated and the majority of the animals they breed go straight to shelters where they are eventually killed.

    Supporting breeders by purchasing their animals only adds the number of dogs and cats who get put down each day in shelters across the country.

    Go visit your local SPCA before you go googling breeders. You might not find a pure breed russian blue… but you find a cat who needs a home and somebody to love them.

  • I would try some of the cat breeder directories like below…surely there will be kittens available in your area.

  • Well….good luck on that one honey! Most breeders won’t ship their kittens out of the continental USA.

  • google breeders for your area

  • Do you have animal shelters there in the Philippines? If so, why not adopt a gray cat from there?

  • Go to Amazon, you can get anything what you want:


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