where can i cash an ADP Paycheck?

I recently got a paycheck from my employer. the paycheck is a ADP paycheck and i have been to 2 check cashing places and they say they dont accept it . where can i cash it does anyone know?

Thanks in advance

2 Answers

  • There should be a bank name on those ADP checks. Google it and try to cash it at one of the locations.

  • NO, ADP is not a bank - the bank should be on the check, but if it is not, check with your payroll folks. Usually an employer will give you some kind of check cashing id to take the to the bank they do business with so you can get your check cashed. It is often within walking distance of your job. If you have the option, you may want to do direct deposit into a bank account you have and then you can use your bank or an atm to withdraw your money.

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