where can I find Daedra Hearts in Skyrim?

i found one in a shop but it never replenishes after constant days of waiting, and I just cant seem to find any elsewhere, i’m trying to craft Daedric armor for myself

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  • I myself have found a couple of Daedra hearts :

    -2 are sold from Enthir, some shady elf figure at the college of Winterhold.

    -2 on a shelf in the laboratory of the Nightcaller temple near Dawnstar (where u do the quest ‘Waking Nightmare’

    -1 on a plate in Jorrvaskr next to Kodlak Whitemane’s room.

    For now these are the only ones I have found, but I noticed Enthir refreshes his stock sometimes. Hope this helped a bit for you 🙂 Will update if I get more

  • Daedra Heart

  • The best way to get ahold of Daedra Hearts is questing. Go to Azura’s shrine to the south of Winterhold, and start the quest “The Black Star”. The end of the quest will lead you within Azura’s star itself where 3 Daedra Churls reside. 3 hearts at once. The next is the quest “Pieces of the Past” in Dawnstar at the museum of the Mythic Dawn cult. This is a little harder because you need a message runner to deliver you an invitation first. You’ll be tasked to find the pieces of Merunes’ Razor. After you find the pieces, you’ll head to the Shrine of Merunes Dagon to the south of Dawnstar where you can either obtain the razor, or opt to defy Merunes. Either way, you’ll fain entry to his shrine where 4 Daedra await. Blam 7 hearts, and enough for a full set of Daedric gear. Helmet, armor, gloves, boots, sword, shield, and a bow. Hope this helps. ^_^

  • Well you can go around the whole Skyrim going in the alchemist shops and Enthir in the college of winterhold, In the Jorrvaskr, go in and go to the bottom floor and keep going down and on a table you will find a daedric heart. Their is one in the hall of vigilant. This isolated building is located south of Red Road Pass which is south of Dawnstar. It serves as a home for the Vigilants of Stendarr and their leader, Keeper Carcette. It is also not far from Dimhollow Crypt, which is up a small pathway to the east. Inside, the Hall looks like a cross between an inn and a small place of worship. and in dawnstar if your around level 20 you will get a letter about a new museum in dawnstar and go speak to the guy the letter told you about and do all his missions and at the last decision to choose to kill him or not just kill him. you will be given a key to the shrine of mehrunes dagon and around either every 2 days or possibly more their will be 2 dremora outside and 2 dremoras inside (the key was ment to be looted off the 2 dremoras outside. you can gain a total of 4 from this shrine

  • Go to Dawnstar and go to the museum and do the quest to a guy there and you when you completed the quest you should of got a blade and there should be Daedra you have to fight. That is how i got alot of daedra but it will take time for them to respawn.

  • I got my daedra hearts while doing Azura’s quest. You end up fighting a couple of Churl’s (or however you spell it.)

  • You can find some by 1:buying them from the vampire girl in the dark brotherhood

    2:you can get 4 from Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon you can also find good wepon armor and items

  • The one in Jovasker(sp) does in fact respawn, but it seems to take longer than 48 hours. Either its something more like a game week, or perhaps there’s a more random chance of it restocking every day/two days or so. Basically don’t be checking too often. That jerk-wad elf in the college wont sell anything to me, even though I’m the archmage. >:/

  • If you do the deadric shrine Mehrunes Dagon you will encounter 4 deadra’s, all of which will have a heart and usually some decent loot

  • Mehrunes shrine after you do the quest the daedras will spawn again every so often so I always go there xD hope it helps

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