Where can i get the ability to feel other peoples pain?

Sadly i cannot feel other people pain… Many people come to me for advices because i usually think rationally but i cannot feel the sadness they show and ask me to feel. I can give an advice or few but i cannot understand why are they so sad… Today a girl came up to me crying to tell me my best friend is in hospital after a surgery from a car crash but even doe hes my best friend instead of feeling emotional pain, stress or fear i didnt get moved at all… What is wrong with me?

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  • People vary in their ability to feel others’ emotions and as long as it didn’t just suddenly come upon you, it probably doesn’t mean anything bad. The question is how do you deal with this (the ability and your wary feelings about it)? And how do you use this ability? Does it interfere with your ability to act in a sympathetic way in social relationships?

    Some people use these types of abilities to take advantage of others. Some people use them to help and heal others. It’s a very powerful ability either way. The world needs empaths and the world also needs people who can keep a level head, even if everyone around them is in emotional chaos.

    Please use your abilities for good. There are many professions that help others, that need people like you. Surgeons, cops, counselors, aid workers, etc. etc. etc. Ports in a storm.

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