Where can I read Junjou Romantica online?

I already know about Manga Fox. But apparently they're blocking it of course. I'd really love to read Unrated version please. I read the first book in real life but I want to read the other volumes....

Yes of course thank you. I do need it translated to english. Oh and I also heard there is an anime on it. Sorry to leave the job to you guys but I really don't have time to go through sites I have TAKS testing tomorrow. So, If anyone can give me a site where I can watch it Subbed or Dubbed (English) and it is supported by Safari Web Browser please. Thank You So Much! And sorry for leaving the job to you people...

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  • You can still read Junjou Romantica at http://www.mangafox.com/

    At the end of the the paragraph in the pink box it says: "Please click here to continue the reading." Once you click it you can continue to read the manga. It's just warning it has mature content and to continue at your own risk sort of thing.

    Hope I helped some. 🙂


    I watched the entire series, all 24 episodes on http://www.veoh.com/ The series is only in English subbed to my knowledge. If it's no longer there or if there are some episodes missing for some reason, you can also find it here http://www.youtube.com/ although there it's usually in parts.

  • Aside from mangafox the only one who has it in english is manga.animea.net, here is the link:


    mangahelpers have it too, but they have the RAWS

  • You can try at MangaTraders

  • try here



    There's plenty of manga full eps here.

  • you could try



    they have it there

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