Where can you get your home theatre system installed for FREE!?!!?

I just purchased a full home theatre system, it’s great, there’s dvd players, speakers, tv screens, home theatre units etc. It cost so much, that I now have no money left for the installation, and I think it’s beyond the capabilities of people to put this in themself. I don’t actually think there’s anyone who fully understands this stuff, myself included. So who can put it in for free?

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  • Someone who understands it less than you will do it for free.

  • why did you buy it if you cant assemble it for !! so stupid troll sending a message again , ask yahoo for a pay rise . Try reading the manual to wire it up does help !!!

  • There are numerous videos on youtube and other places that will guide you thru the process.

  • This gets posted on Reddit in 3… 2… 1…. 

  • If it’s not yet installed, how do you know “it’s great”. 

    You could well have just spent loads on mismatched gear.

    If you bought all (or at least the overwhelming majority) from a single local retailer then they will often offer free advice and installation. The “free” installation is often a way to sell you additional cables, stands, brackets, and other essential accessories.

    Or you could ask your family, friends or work colleagues: usually there’s at least one person who claims to be able to do installations and just enjoys doing so for experience at your risk.

    Personally, I’d just read the instructions and use a bit of added common sense and do it all myself.

  • Nowhere, of course.

    Professionals get paid.

    I could do it, as I know such gear quite well, and while I might do such work for good friends for free, that would be my limit on such gratuities.

  • It should be fairly simple and straightforward.

    Just read the instruction manuals fully before you start, take your time and look at general home theatre setup info online or on youtube for more examples.

    If you need any extra cables, do not get taken in by advertising; you do not need ultra-expensive ones.

    Pretty much anything from ebay, amazon or a “pound shop” will work fine – often the functionality is exactly the same as crazy prices ones & it definitely will be with any digital links such as optical, ethernet or hdmi. 

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