where can you have motorcycle keys made, besides at the dealer?

does Walmart or Ace Hardware make motorcycle keys?

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  • Who has the correct blanks is the key (pun intended).

    Wal-Mart does not.

    Ace Hardware does not, but they can cut a new key from the pieces of a broken old one.

    Locksmiths in my area do not carry blanks for motorcycle keys.

    Due to lack of available options, I was forced to go to a dealer.

    I got a pleasant surprise. The first key worked perfectly, as did the next three. Yes, I got 3 spares – at the cost of one key cut anywhere else.

  • I know this thread is 3 years old, but if I found it , so could others. Therefore, I want to clarify that hardware stores or home improvement stores do not normally carry motorcycle key blanks and neither do a lot of locksmiths. If you have a working key and only need to make a copy, call around to see who has the blanks…..you may get lucky. Of course, the dealer should always be able to help with this, too. Now, what if you have lost your key? You will need a locksmith to originate a new key. It’s always easier to make a spare key as a precaution, but it is also good to locate a locksmith who services motorcycles in advance of losing a key….it will be much less frustrating.

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    where can you have motorcycle keys made, besides at the dealer?

    does Walmart or Ace Hardware make motorcycle keys?

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    Well $300 is because, you will get the key ordered from Manufacturer. Most of the 2000 cars have chip based keys that need to be coded. Do not go to locksmith or someone like that, they can’t help you out because those keys will not work. Do not play with your car security. At any cost you need to get a proper key otherwise majority of the insurance will not accept. Even if you don’t tell them now your insurance will be void if you tamper with your car security.

  • most lock smith and walmarts ace and places like that can not make motorcycle keys i tried after i lost mine i had to get it from the dealer but why dont you call and ask i am sure you might find one person that can

  • The Ace in my town has a huge key kiosk. No problem on any normal motorcycle there.

  • Don’t go to Lowes in Tuscaloosa, AL. I called and spoke to “Steve” This morning in Hardware and he was VERY rude and condescending towards me. And acted like I should have known better than to call and bother him with such a question. I called so I wouldn’t have to drive so far just to get there and find out that they couldn’t help me! I spend so much money there. Unacceptable behavior! Look elsewhere for help with your keys I’m afraid…

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  • You will have better luck at ace. If they don’t have the blank they can order the right one. I have made several keys to my triumph which are rare.

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