Where do fruit flies come from? How do they “APPEAR” whenever you have fruit laying around?

I wash my fruit and everything. Yet whenever I put grapes or cut open a pear or something like that, within a very short period of time, fruit flies are turning up. How did they get there?

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  • What Pushy said. The eggs are laid in the skin of the fruit. Keeping fruit in the fridge impedes the growth. Organic fruits are worse.

  • well the fruit flies come in from a variety of places, one of them being the great outdoors. THey could be in your house the whole time and only come out when they smell something they like!!

    also even in rinsing your fruit, there is still a chance they were brought into your house from the grocery store.

    It does feel like they just appear, and it sucks because they can lay eggs without a mate...therefore if you start to have a problem with them kill them immeadatly!! there is no such thing as one gnat!


  • That's one of the mysteries of life which I've wondered about also. Since they don't show up unless the fruit is there, I figure they must come with it. I think there are tiny fruit fly eggs that come with the fruit which hatch. They may be around the stem, or on the skin, but that's my theory. They are a pesky mystery though.

  • Our friend the fruit fly...drysophilla is its scientific name appears when fruit/vegetables or just about any food laden with carbs is aging. These flies appear mostly in warmer climates and/or kitchens so if your area is warm, you will see them if your carbs start aging. The larvae of the fruit fly lie inert in kitchen areas and will fly about when hatched, especially when they smell something they would love to eat...like bananas and apples, etc. But before we curse these little guys, we must remember that they have been used for decades in scientific laboratories in experiments involving genetics and disease cures!

  • they lay their eggs on the skin of the fruit. washed or not .. they're there.

  • Well, first there's a male fruit fly, and then he finds his self a female fruit fly.....

  • think they're produced in overnight garbage or in dirty fridges.

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