where do I hang my dreamcatcher..the wall or the ceiling?

My boyfriend bought me this beautiful dreamcatcher because I have the worst of dreams!! Am I supposed to hang it on the ceiling above me or just on the wall above my head?

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  • Wherever you wish.

    Beware, the dream catcher will do nothing to alleviate your worst dreams.

  • Hi. I would not hang it from the ceiling if you live on the top floor as the ceiling Joist would not support it. If someone lives above you providing it is not very heavy it should be fine as they would be 6×2 Joists but you would have to make sure that you hit a Joist with the fixings. As for fixing it to a wall I would fix it an external wall as this is a solid wall and not an internal wall. Which ever method you choose just be very careful with the fixings and you should not cause to much damage as the holes can be filled when you remove it. Also get some kind of fixing so that you can remove the Bag when not in use.

  • Where To Hang A Dreamcatcher

  • OK,, You already know to hang it above your head (where you sleep). You can hang a drewm catcher from either the wall or ceiling or anywhere else, that bit doesn’t matter. The Important bit is, that wherever you do hang your dream catcher,, it ‘Must hang Freely’, so that it is NOT hard up against anything. The has to be space at the backof it, for the bad dreams to pass through it. It is meant to catch only your good dreams & let the bad ones pass through & go away. … If you hang your dream catcher on the wall & if there is no space behind it, the bad dreams will get caught by it too. …. I to owas given a dream catcher as a wedding gift. Mine hangs on the Wall above my bed head, but I hung it from a hook that sticks out a little so that the dream catcher hangs free & is not up against the wall. ………….. Dream Catchers, are one of those curious things that really work, even when a person does not believe in such things. I have heard that they work best when hung over the bed of a skeptic, & the skeptic is unaware of their presence (or just doesn’t bother to notice it there.) .. I have not tried this myself only heard about it…. However,, If dream catchers only do work when someone ‘beleives’ in them,, tell me this; “How does anyone believe in anything when they are sleeping??”

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    Your trusses are designed for vertical loads… the swinging of the bag will cause undue stresses.. you should brace the truss if you hang it from the ceiling or you could cause major damage. Same thing if hanging it from the wall… the side motion could tear out the stud.

  • I’d hang it from the ceiling, maybe from the light fixture, or else from the headboard if your bed has one. It will probably work if you believe it will, and since your boy friend cared enough to get it for you. I know a little girl who kept having scary nightmares until her grandparents bought her a huge teddy bear to sleep with and protect her at night.

  • It’s supposed to be suspended from the ceiling.

  • On the wall is better, in my opinion. 🙂

  • the ceiling dumbass

  • It doesn’t matter where you hang it. Those things DON’T WORK.

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