Where do the squirrels go during hurricanes?

I know this is alittle dumb, but I was just alittle curious

7 Answers

  • into shelters provided by the government.(like wrinkled up old folks)

  • Oh, you know. Through the air at high speeds...

    Do they even have squirrels in most places that are susceptible to hurricanes? I'm guessing if there are squirrels, they're not the type that live up in trees, but live down on the ground in burrows. In that case they'll be safe, somewhat, from the hurricane simply by going into their burrows. At least until the water comes and floods them.

  • All squirrels have nests of some form. Some live it hollowed out niches of trees, some burrow in the ground and others live in nooks and crannies around the city.

  • When hurricanes come along squirrels have special reproductive glands near their nuts and these become so swollen that an entire quirrel can hide under a pair of swollen nut shells and become a ball and roll with the wind.

  • squirrels go into attics and burrows of trees,they also live in abandoned buildings.

  • They've got a headquarters underground where they all hook up when there are any natural disasters.

  • go into holes or did a hole

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