where does period blood come from?

i have heard that it does not come from the same hole that urine comes out of. if that is the case, why is it that when i pee, lots of blood comes out?

thanks for the answers.

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  • Your urethral opening is just inside of the vfagina, as is also the cervix. The cervix is the opening to the uterus.

    When you menstruate the blood comes from the cervix. If you are sitting or lying down some of this blood will pool in the vagina. When you urinate this blood will also come out of the vaginal opening, It mixes with the urine.

  • It might feel like a lot of blood but if you haven’t had your period that long and you aren’t used to it, it’s probably a lot less than it seems. If you are soaking a pad in less than an hour to half hour, you need to see a doctor to rule out any potential problems. Personally, I use pads a lot during my period and feel the flow almost constantly. I just trust my protection, that helps a lot. Change your pads often to stay comfortable, and keep clean down there.

  • You don’t pee and bleed from the same hole. One is your urethra which goes to your bladder and you pee from there, the lower one is your vagina which leads to your uterus. Blood may pool around the opening of the urethra and it gets pushed out when you pee. If you notice, the blood comes out first, then the pee. It’s not mixed together.

  • There is three difference holes that we all have it.

    It’s not urine, if you have lots of blood. It’s your vagina coming out.

  • it comes from the vagina.

    muscles in the lower abdomen contract to make you pee, but this also causes pressure on you uterus and vagina making more blood come out (not much more).

  • There are three passages: The urethral opening (from which you would urinate), the vaginal opening (from which you would menstruate, have intercourse and birth a baby), and the anus (from which you would defecate).

  • It comes out of your vagina when you go the bathroom.

  • thats normal

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