Where does the phrase “We’re all pink on the inside” come from?

Historically speaking. Ive heard the phrase often but a google search only gives me Pink the artist. It's pretty smart and i've wondered who's the genius who said it first.

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  • Well i remember it from Employee of the month with Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson

    Zack: Were all pink on the inside...

    Vince: Like vaginas!

    [awkward pause]

    Vince: [cough]

    And Carrie Fisher used it in her book Surrender the pink.1990

    The title term, surrender the pink, is a colloquialism pertaining to male Տҽ×ual advances to a female. It comes from the phrase, "They're all pink on the inside."

    This novel, like most of Fisher's books, is semi-autobiographical and fictionalizes events from her real life. It is said to be loosely based on her short marriage to singer Paul Simon.

  • I don't know the origin of the phrase, but it refers to anti-racism. No matter what colour people are on the outside, that's the only difference. Everybody is the same on the inside. In other words, racism is literally 'skin deep'.

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