Where does the Puerto Rican insult “German” stem from?

I have noticed alot that Puerto Ricans get really insult when you call them Germans. Calling a Puerto Rican a German is like calling a Mexican a *******. But why is it such an insult, and where does the insult originate from?

but for some reason, German is a huge insult to them. It means something to them, but i don’t know what it is. It’s meant to be a slur, not because they aren’t German but it means something.

3 Answers

  • Being of German descent, I can tell you this: Germans wear leather strap sandals with white crew socks.

    This is offensive to everyone.

    Except the Germans, evidently.

  • It’s a derogatory slang term, for Puerto Ricans, originating in prison. It’s a code word, when you don’t want Puerto Ricans knowing, that you’re referring to them, but if caught using the term, you’ll most likely get sliced, or targeted, by PR prison gangs.

  • i live around mostly puerto ricans, and i never heard them call each other germans…or i never heard anyone calling them germans, matter of fact.

    if they get offended, its probably because theyre not german? and it doesnt even make sense to call them germans.

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