Where exactly is Heaven?

@Pearl -How can I ask God if he’s in Heaven and I don’t know how to get there? 

35 Answers

  • The only way to get to heaven is to have God Grasp you in Noodly Appendages and Gently Place you on the Slopes of the Beer Volcano.

  • This is America.  You can’t get there from here.


  • in your greatest imagination

  • Heaven is in the near future. Earth is the heaven in the near future. Good people will live in the heaven. 

  • Heaven is the whole of our hearts.

  • between gf’s lgs

  • its in a bible ..

  • It doesn’t actually exist. We are all living in a simulation.

  • Go down the block, make a left, a right and a left again. You can’t miss it. Christians think they do need to take showers now, so the place stinks to high, well, heaven.

  • i would ask god this question

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