Where in singapore can i buy a wooden shoe expander?Or does anyone have one to sell?

I bought a pair of leather shoes for work but they are a bit tight at the toes! Need the wooden shoe expander but don’t know where to get one.

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  • The shoes department in Isetan department stores have them.

  • Shoe Expander

  • this add is for both the mens and womens strecher. Shoes not fitting properly? Two Way shoe stretcher lets you stretch specific areas of your shoes to account for corns or bunions, and/or slightly stretch the length of the shoe.

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    $19.99 $17.99

    Detailed Description

    Wooden Shoe Stretcher

    Women’s Size 5-9. Adjusts Both the Length and Width.

    What Do You Get – ONE PAIR

    Shoe Stretcher Two Way Shoe Stretcher

    It’s happened to us all – we get those brand new shoes on our feet only to find that they’re unbearable to wear. Or, we have that pair of shoes that we love, but they’ve never seemed to fit correctly. Whether it is tightness of the shoe, the need to “break-in” the shoe, or a foot ailment such as a corn or bunion, you don’t need to suffer any longer!

    * Relieve pain caused by uncomfortable shoes with the simplicity of turning knobs!

    * Alleviate the discomfort of foot ailments such as corns or bunions!

    * Zero in on painful pressure points!

    * Leave your shoes looking great, without damaging them in any way!

    With Nu-Fit Shoe Stretcher from Pro-Foot, you can relieve these painful symptoms in just a few easy steps by using this advanced two-way shoe stretcher, all without damaging your shoes. Simply place the stretcher inside the shoe and turn the knob to build pressure. Additionally, you can turn the handle to adjust the width of the shoe, all at once! With these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to having shoes that look and feel as though they’ve been custom made for your feet. Plus, Nu-Fit Shoe Stretcher has eleven specially placed fine-tuning holes that allow you to insert the included pop-in stretch plugs, letting you zero in on painful pressure points.

    Nu-Fit Shoe Stretcher works in many types of shoes, including flats, heels, and even boots that zip down in the back, or have backs that can be rolled down to accommodate the tuning handle. This means that you can wear all the hottest styles without subjecting yourself to the pain of squeezing into these shoes. Nu-Fit Shoe Stretcher is made by Pro-Foot, a company that has been helping to make shoes more comfortable for 25 years!

    Uncomfortable shoes can be painful but there’s no reason to live with the pain with a shoe expander handy!

  • hush puppies shoe shops

  • a shoe repair shop should have them

  • shukey, every major shopping centre have outlet

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