Where is 3.8 inches on a tape measure?

This sounds really stupid and i’m sure I knew this at some point in my life but i’ve just forgotten. I’m trying to draw a scaled down version of a dog house my husband and I are going to build and I dont have a ruler just a tape measure and I can’t seem to figure out how to get 3.8 inches on it. I feel so dumb but please help me out anyway!! lol Thanks!!

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  • >.8 would be .875 in decimal…. .875 is 7/8 In.

  • 99% of tape measures don’t use tenths.

    To make measuring a challenge, they use eighths and sixteenths.

    To get you in the right neighborhood, 3.75 easy to find.

    The .75 is 75/100 up the inch. 75/100=3/4=6/8=12/16





    Your 3.8 is closest to 3+.75+.0625=3.8125. That’s 3 and 13/16.

    Don’t feel dumb. It’s an awful system. That’s why most of the world is using metrics.

    The metric system chops everything into tenths and hundredths.

    Maybe you could get a european dog, so you could build a metric house instead 🙂

    Source(s): I’m back, with another comment. Look up “engineering tape measure” on-line. They’re not expensive. They break up inches into tenth’s! … You could readily find 3.8 on one of those. I think I should get one too.
  • show me the tape measure an 3/8 in on it

  • Count the number of lines between 3 and 4, multiply that number by .8 (or any other decimal number you need).

    If you have 16 lines, 16 * .8 = 12.8, it is just shy of the 13 line.

  • Are you familiar with metric measurements if so then 3.8″=9.6cm or 96mm hopefully your tape has metric on it,it’s 4mm before the red figure 10 on the bottom of the tape measure.

  • Just shy of

    3 13/16 “

    Builder 33 years.

  • For your purpose 3 3/4 is close.

  • Sweety, 3 13/16″ You won’t get it any closer. Remember… This a doghouse! You’re not making forms for precision cast nuclear rocket parts.

  • if you have standard tape measure 3 3/4” inches will be close..

    metric doesn’t work either as it would be 96.54mm

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