where is aux input in a 2006 pontiac grand prix?

it has a button but i cannot find the input.

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  • Sorry but it does not mean it is for any External device to be hooked to it. Your radio hasnt gotten up to that technology capablilties & does not have any way to plug in an Aux input device with out some aftermarket help.

    Cause if your referring to the button CD AUX, GM called the CD player an Aux unit & not sure why but it is only for the CD player iteself & not something you can plug in your IPOD to use type deal

    Here is the descriptioon of that button in your Owners Manual======

    CD AUX (Auxiliary): Press this button to play a CD when listening to the radio. The CD symbol will appear on the display when a CD is loaded.

  • I wish I would have known this too! I have a 2007 Pontiac GP too and am very disappointed that #GM didn’t catch up with the age and add this! I have had many problems with #GeneralMotors lately and this is just another let down. Someone who’s been a dedicated consumer for 25 plus yeas and this how I get treated! 🙁 Next car tho, not a GM and definitely a AUX port!

  • Skilyn,

    I can forward the opinion that it doesn’t appear to have an input and is a CD Player per page 3-106 in the Owners Manual. It appears you will have to add this feature, which a GM Certified dealer may be able to assist with. I could also check for specific features if you send me the VIN to the Yahoo account for GM Customer Service. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Matt of GM Customer Care

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