Where is Barcelona?

8 Answers

  • It’s in the north east part of Spain, in an area called Catalonia.  There is a Catalonian language, and a large number of people who would like to split off and form their own country. It’s an amazing place to visit.  Loads of museums, cook architecture, and great food.  I was supposed to go back this past spring, but Covid screwed me over. 

  • It’s in NW Arkansas. 

  • the north east part of Spain

  • Barcelona is on the northeast coast of Spain.

  • All roads lead to Rome, go to Rome. From Rome, take the Genoa exit, continue to Marseilles, on to Montpellier, down to Girona and next stop is BARCELONA!!

  • It’s in Spain. One of the larger cities in Spain. Madrid is the capital of Spain though not Barcelona. 

  • Still where it always has been.

  • Where did you last see her?

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