where is the nearest anvil to a furnace with a bank relatively close by in runescape?

(the above question) for a free player? That doesnt require a quest?

2 Answers

  • you could do what the person below has sugested, but the anavil would be far away. I woiuld agree with the fact that is the closest bank to furnace. But if you wanted all 3 (bank, furnace and anavil) go to falador because all 2 r relatevily in the same place 😀 good luck!

    Source(s): rs experience (93 smithing)
  • Well I Would Recommend Using The Furnace In Al-Kharid To Smelt All Your Bars, Because It Has A Bank Next To A Furnace And Once You Have Smelted Your Bars Go To The Anvil In Varrock Because That Also Is Next To A Bank

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