Where to buy good henna online?

I want to buy henna that will leave a dark and lasting stain, yet is not too expensive. Thanks!

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  • Henna Online

  • Buy Henna Online

  • http://www.artisticadornment.com/

    You’ve got quite a few different choices there – they have premade paste as well as powder. I recommend the Artistic Organic Henna – it’s USDA certified as organic, which most hennas are not. They also carry Jamila henna, which is a very popular brand (but does not stain as dark as the Artistic Organic).

  • the best quality henna at very reasonable price you can get is at herbs and crops.

    They have E-store for both domestic (Indian) customers as well as foreign customers:

    For Domestics: www.herbsandcrops.in

    For Foreign Customers: www.herbsandcrops.com

  • This place has good quality henna:


  • Mehandi.com



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