Where to find real life senzu beans?

OK, so I was playing my dragon ball z game last night called dragon ball z shin budokai another road. So I was doing this mission to get the senzu beans in korin’s tower before babidi and dabura does right. So korin lended me these green things they call senzu beans. I keep hearing them in dragon ball z. I never tasted them before but they look really good.

So Im wondering wear can I buy senzu beans. Because I keep looking in the super market and can’t find any. So I was wondering is there any seeds to grow them, so I looked and I asked the employee do you sell senzu bean seeds. And she said no. So Im wondering are there any special super markets to buy senzu beans or grow them. Plz because I really wanna taste those senzu beans. They look really good. I might make them for dinner if I find them.

4 Answers

  • There are senzu beans candy in FYE (music /entertainment store) You should check it out!

  • Senzu Beans For Sale

  • senzu beans are cool

  • senzu beans are fictional and do not exist, if they did you would never need a doctor becuz they would heal everybody all the time, they r a play off of Lima beans, but taste like celery…

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