Where to get anti-glare glasses for cheap?

I do not need a prescription, but I have really sensitive eyes and almost everything hurts them. I was thinking about getting anti glare glasses, but as I do not need a prescription they will not be covered by insurance. Is there any place I can get them for cheap or any other suggestions. By the way the glasses have to be clear so I can wear them to school. Thank you.

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  • Not many places carry anti-glare glasses already made up, as these would usually be available in sunglasses.

    The anti-reflective coating can be put on Plano lenses without a prescription, so I would suggest that you purchase a frame that you like from any optical store and have Plano lenses made for them with the anti-reflective coating.

    By mail order..you can check out http://www.zennioptical.com/home.php for lower prices.

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  • You would be wasting your money getting non-glare lenses with no prescription. These types of coatings are designed to help eyeglass wearers reduce glare that lenses usually have. A non-glare coating removes virtually all glare off the lenses allowing the wearer better sharper vision. Since you don’t need glasses this would be a waste of your time and money. It allows more light to pass through the lens and may increase your problem.

    You might consider something with a light tint in the lens to reduce brightness from fluorescent lights if sensitivity to light is an issue for you. It will reduce the amount of light to the eye,but not appear dark while wearing them to someone looking at you. However if you do get something like that, having a non-glare coating would make sense, just not to get perfectly clear lenses with it.

    Have you been to an eye doctor? If they diagnose you as photo-phobic then it may be a loop hole for glasses through insurance as a possible medical necessity.

  • I’m not sure what you think non prescription lenses with an anti reflection coating will do for you , but I can assure you…they will do nothing.

    An anti glare coating helps reduce glare on the lenses when you have to wear glasses, but if you don’t wear glasses, there is no glare on the lenses to start with.

    ” I have really sensitive eyes and almost everything hurts them ” isn’t normal to begin with , you should be seeing a Dr. to find out why.

  • If you go to Specsavers you will be able to get a pair of glasses from their £25 or £45 range for free and then it will cost you £30 for the tint which includes anti scratch. If you wish to purchase glasses that cost a bit more than you have to pay a little but towards them, for example if you pick a £75 frame you have to pay £15 as well as £30.

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