Where will the liberals be holding their next book burning so I can attend?

I mean since they are already effectively silencing any opposition to them with false claims. They are also trying to force conservatives through violence to adopt their beliefs.

So a book burning must be coming up next.

12 Answers

  • I don’t know that they get as physical as burning books. They wold probably all be so %^&*()_ stupid that they would be covered in gasoline and set themselves on fire too. They are trying to get a web site closing party going though and news banning %^&*() jerks.

  • Book burning in history have always been done by conservative patriotic religious idiots.

  • The Bible is the only book a republican needs.

  • liberals are not afraid of books.

  • I would guess in Berkeley

  • That’s false claims and riots. Many of our major universities have determined that to have true intellectual discourse, they must provide a safe space, free from hate speech and insults. Since the leftists have determined that not agreeing with them is hate speech, they ban those that might invade their safe space.

  • Ah yes, the mythology of conservatives as victims. You mopes won big in 2016, yet you’re still into the persecution fantasies.

    Truly, conservatism is a mental disorder.

  • Conservatives want to ban science books from schools.

  • Never

  • “Book burnings” are a conservative thing.

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