Where would a 33 inch dress fall on me? i’m 5’4″?

My measuring tape is being borrowed, so don’t be smart and say “measure 33 inches from shoulder to wherever the tape measure lands”, i already know that. I am getting a 33 inch dress from shoulder to hem from my aunt in the mail, and i want to know before it get it if i’ll need tights or not.

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  • it depens on the style of the dress. If it is going to hug the body (a form-fitting dress), it will be shorter when you wear the dress.

    it will a little above the knee though. Not a super mini, but it will not touch your knees, i would say when wearing it it should be about a few inches above the knee

  • this may sound silly, but if you know how long you normally wear your pants, you could approximate that way. i wear a 30″ inseam and am 5’4″. so you could try to approximate the length of the dress based on that measurement….

    or also think about it this way, at 5’4″ tall, you are 64 inches tall, so it is a little bit shorter than half your height.

  • It would lay a a little bit before the knee.No tights.

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