Which aspect of psychological suspense dominates the passage?

Which aspect of psychological suspense dominates the passage?


Psychological suspense is usually established through a turning point in the plot, conflict, pace, tragedy, raised stakes, or complications. Consider the tone of the passage and how it reflects pace. Perhaps the passage is emphasizing madness or a conflict that has recently taken place. Or perhaps the main character is under a great deal of psychological stress due to a complication or tragedy. Hope this helps.

The aspect of psychological suspense that dominates the passage is emphasis on madness


From the excerpt "Down—steadily down it crept. I took a frenzied pleasure in contrasting its downward with its lateral velocity. To the right—to the left—far and wide—with the shriek of a dam ned spirit! to my heart with the stealthy pace of the tiger! I alternately laughed and howled, as the one or the other idea grew predominant."

The poem "The pit and pendulum" by Edgar Allan Poe, shows in this excerpt how the narrator loses his mind after being under the pressure of the torture and uncertainty of his own destiny in that pit, he even started to see things around him and to create mental images.


Explanation I’m good at this subject

I can tell you that it is certainly emphasis on madness. Quotes such as "with the shriek of a spirit!" and "I alternately laughed and howled" show the narrator's madness.

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