Which best defines counterterrorism?

Which best defines counterterrorism?


the use of political tactics to prevent terrorist attacks

these are military tactics used to prevent terrorism

Also known as antiterrorism meaning,millitary skills used to prevent terrorism

Counterterrorism refers to the use of political tactics to prevent terrorist attacks. Counterterrorism focuses on the prevention in order to save people's lives before it's too late. As an example, in the United States Counter-terrorist strategies highly increased after 9-11 which meant the imprisonment of recruiters of terrorist groups and the dismantling of their groups.

The best defines counterterrorism is an attempt by governments to identify terrorists the use of political tactics to prevent terrorist attacks. Counterterrorism has many terms, including counter-terrorism and anti-terrorism.



In general, the definition of counter-terrorism combines political strategy, military tactics, law enforcement, business, and intelligence to combat or prevent terrorism. The main thing in the counter-terrorism strategy is the effort to counter-terrorism funding, because funding becomes "blood" in the movement of terrorist groups. If the funds are tracked and the chain is cut, terrorism will be easily overcome.

In addition, preventive measures are things that continue to be echoed. Prevention is important in efforts to tackle this terrorist. Before someone decides to become a terrorist, of course, there are various motives, most often found are economic factors. They are tempted by the rewards of big money if they want to join the terrorist group. So, prevention efforts are carried out by increasing civil skills, expanding employment, or ease of capital and business licensing.

A Brief History of Counter-Terrorism

In the 1880s the British Home Secretary, Sir William Harcourt formed the first anti-terror unit in the world. Harcourt formed the unit in an effort to quell the terror campaign in Britain carried out by Irish Arts. Efforts to reduce terror campaigns are carried out through subversion and infiltration.

Globally counterterrorism forces became a trend after the 9/11 attacks. Since then the threat of terrorism was considered truly real. Western governments make anti-terrorism as a priority; by strengthening security relations between States (multilateral), strengthening their anti-terror bases, and thinking about prevention efforts. Although terrorist attacks later target more developing countries, which are technically not qualified.


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The correct answer is "the use of political tactics to prevent terrorist attacks".

Counter Terrorism is a collaborative strategy between several agents of the government, which include the military, law enforcement, businesses, and intelligence agencies. These institutions engage in preventive actions in order to prevent further terrorist attacks under a country's jurisdiction. This strategy also aims at targeting the financial sources of terrorism.

The use of political tactics to prevent terrorist attacks

Counterterrorism is best defined as the use of political tactics to prevent terrorist attacks.
I'm not 100% but I think it is 2

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