which best summarizes the findings of griffith?

which best summarizes the findings of griffith? a. all alleles are heterozygousb. humans reproduce sexuallyc. traits cannot be inheritedd. cells contain a transforming factor​


Cells contain a transforming factor summarizes the findings of Griffith.


Numerous experts assigned to the description of DNA as the genetic material. During the 1920s, Frederick Griffith obtained an outstanding invention. He was inquiring two separate forces of a bacterium, called R (rough) strain and S (smooth) strain. He infused the two strains into mice.

Griffith settled that the R-strain bacteria must have brought up a "transforming principle" from the heat-killed S bacteria, which enabled them to "transform" into smooth-coated bacteria and become injurious. He called this method transformation, as something was "transforming" the bacteria of one strain into another strain.

"Griffith's experiment discovering the "transforming principle" in pneumococcus bacteria. Griffith's experiment, reported in 1928 by Frederick Griffith, was the first experiment suggesting that bacteria are capable of transferring genetic information through a process known as transformation." - Griffith's experiment

Using the above information taken from Wi**pedia, the best summary for the findings of Griffith is CELLS CONTAIN A TRANSFORMING FACTOR.

A. Cells contain a transforming factor

Alfred Hershey and Margaret Chase confirmed that

D) DNA is a genetic material.

Alfred Hershey and Margaret Chase confirmed that DNA is a genetic material.


Many scientists did not believe that the DNA molecule was responsible for genetic inheritance since it was not sufficiently complex.

Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase's experiments with the Escherichia coli infecting bacteriophage T2 confirmed that DNA is a genetic material.

They began the experiments by knowing at first the form and mechanism by which the phage injected its material into bacterial cells. By injecting it, the phage body releases from the cell surface, so the injected material should be the hereditary material. They also knew that the only chemical components in a phage are proteins and DNA. They then tested whether the hereditary material was DNA or protein and came to the conclusion we know today.

I choose A.DNA carries genetic material.

Option D, DNA is a transforming factor.


It was found by Avery and his team that there is a transforming factor in living organisms which passes on the genetic information from one generation to other and this transforming factor is no other than the DNA. DNA has chromosomes which carries the genetic material responsible for expression of any trait.  

Before findings of Avery,  it was believed that genetic material was carried through proteins.  

Hence, DNA is considered as a transforming factor

The Hershey and Chase experiment proved that DNA is the genetic material.  


The experiment performed by Hershey and Chase in 1952 proves that DNA is the genetic material. They allowed the transfer of DNA from phage to bacterium. The phage transfers the genetic material and capsule remains outside.

The experiment proves that DNA is the genetic material not the protein.

Basically Hershey and Chase studied bacteriophages (viruses that infect and destroy bacteria), which they got the idea from Avery who got the idea from Griffith. 
so the results of Hershey and Chase's experiments were that genes are made from Deoxyribonucleic Acid.
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DNA is a transforming actor

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