Which can modern taxonomy do?

Which can modern taxonomy do?


1 compare the DNA length of DNA among members of species.
2 a branching chart that depicts evolutionary relationship among organisms.
3 two word system for norning organisms by using the domain on species

The right answer is to distinguish how closely related organisms are.

Taxonomy or taxonomy is a branch of biology, whose purpose is to describe living organisms and to group them into entities called taxons to identify, name and classify them through determination keys. It completes the systematics which is the science that organizes the classification of taxa and their relations (these two sciences are so closely linked that the difference between taxonomy and systematics is not always done). Among these taxonomies, the most recent ones include a new conceptual approach to classification but also taxonomies of analysis of empirical elements long ignored by science before the arrival, during the second half of the twentieth century, of the discoveries of molecular biology.

The taxonomy now extends to other sciences, including the humanities and social sciences, information sciences and computer science.

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